free domain and free hosting step by step tutorial updated by 000webhost

Free domain and free hosting by following steps

1. Open this URL => Click Here

2. Sign UP => Fill all details like Name, Email, Password and free subdomain(tab) name like example (main domain example.tk do not write .tk (extension)) => Click on Get Free Hosting !

3. List of your accounts => domain table => Click on “Create new account”.

4. Order Free Web Hosting => Select “I want to host my own domain” => Write your domain in textbox like example.tk (yourdomain.tk) => Enter your password and keep safe to you only. => check “i agree to terms of service” => check I’m not a robot => Click on “Create My Account”

5. Please save your new username and password . => Wait until building your domain hosting server and you also get confirmation mail into registered mail address (Its take 2 hours to 3 hours)

6. Open this URL => Click Here and login.

7. Go to CPanel of your domain => File manager (Heading) => File Manager (any file manager) => Write your password and Click on Continue for file manager.(If file manager give error then just change your password from Change FTP password and try again)

8. Go to this link => Click Here

9. Go to public_html => select default.php file and Click on “Delele” button => After deleting default.php click on “Upload” button and upload your web page or project or form.

Hosting Registration and Hosting setting done ! yo yo 😉

10. Open this link (Click Here) and register your email address by Login using your social account => 3rd Button => click (G+ Google).

11. Now you on this URL (Click Here) => register your email address again by Use social sign in => 1st Button => click (G+ Google).

12. Click on (Register A New Domain) Button or Direct find your new domain Name like this
=> example.tk (TK is free domain) and Check Availability
=> checkout => Period increase up to 12 months for free .
=> Click on “Continue” Button => fill all details => complete order
=> Order Confirmation => Your Order Number is: 214578956 (Remember this number).

3.1 Go to Domains => My Domains => click on “Manage Domain”.
3.2 Go to Management Tools => Nameservers => Select Use Custom Nameservers.
3.3 Write Nameservers => NS01.000WEBHOST.COM and NS02.000WEBHOST.COM in nameserver1 and nameserver2 and clear remains textboxes.
3.4 Click on “Change Nameserves”

Domain Registration and Domain setting done ! yo yo 😉

Thanks for visit!
Be cool for asking any query at info@atulbaldaniya.com

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